The Kobido technique lies in a mix of fast and slow movements and distinct hand manipulations which stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation of the face, neck and upper chest area, loosening muscular tensions and improving the quality of your skin. 

The effect we obtain is one of real rejuvenation, relaxation and balance. Wrinkles are smoothed, volume restored and of course the skin is brighter. It also works on balancing Qi or the life force energy which prevents the onset of disease and boosts the immune system.


Kobido’s positive powers: 

· Removes toxins, impurities and dead skin cells and reduces fluid retention

· Avoids facial rigidity and reduces the effects of bruxism (teeth grinding) 

· Activates facial nerves thus increasing the flow of Qi to the face, which brings about a natural face-lift effect

· Reduces and prevents wrinkles, sagging and skin blemishes

· Stimulates cell metabolism, causing the skin to renew faster

· Provides complete relaxation and wellness